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With 31 years of experience as a writer and editor (23 as a successful freelancer), I have the skills necessary to produce a superior scoped transcript.


As a professional scopist and proofreader, I utilize Case CATalyst software and was trained at Internet Scoping School (ISS). Prior to ISS, I graduated cum laude from Colorado College with a bachelor of arts degree with Distinction in English. My training and lifelong dedication to learning has provided me with strong listening, critical thinking, transcription, spelling, grammar, and punctuation skills.

Throughout my three-decade career, I have edited and published 12 books related to teaching and coaching volleyball to all ages and one book dedicated to innovative sales training. I was in charge of every step of the publishing process, from conception to completion. In addition, during my career, I have produced and/or contributed to countless publications for organizations such as USA Volleyball, the United States Olympic Committee, and the Colorado Springs Sports Corporation.

I have superior time management skills, highlighted by the ability to juggle multiple tasks while still providing the highest quality results.

My company, Pressed for Time Scoping, is here to help the stressed and often overwhelmed freelance or agency court reporter not only make more money, but recoup the valuable time lost editing and formatting the transcripts.

"Life teaches us to make good use of time, while time teaches us the value of life."   



If you are interested in learning more about how Pressed for Time Scoping can help give you the time you so desperately need -- and the extra money to make it enjoyable -- e-mail me at or call 719.237.5513.

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